01 Reparaturen Control units, Base/Front plate, Photo resistors, UV-cells, flame detectors,Photoelectric cell, Temperature/-controllers, Solid relay (Siemens, Danfoss, Omron)

02 Auxiliary/ contact -relays, Relay socket, contactors, thermal relays,control switches, signal lamps, Bulb, Limit switch

03 Ignition Transformers, Connection cable, Mountings Sets, Ignition cables, Insulator,Ignition Electrode Junior/ Single /double /Gas (Siemens, Danfoss)

04 Solenoid valves, Connection cable, Multi Blocs and gas/ dual- valves, Actuator, valve leak testers, Flange (Rapa, Lucifer, Dungs),

05 Electric motors, servo motors, Capacitor, Ball Bearings, Flange, Main shaft, Potentiometer, Micro switch (ABB, Hanning, Oilon,Siemens)

06 Preheaters/ OILPRO/ ML3/ ML6/ 6KW-18KW, heating elements, Cables, Heating cartridge, Flange gasket

07 Preheater thermostats, Limit thermostats, temperature sensors, temperature detector, oil/ gas pressure switches (Trafag, Dungs)

08 Combustion heads/ Junior PRO/ Bio Junior PRO/ ECO/ LF/ Fireproof/ Gas, Head extension, adjusting rings, flange assemblies, mounting flanges, diffuser discs, Flange gasket

09 Fan wheels, pump couplings/ couplings heads/ couplings rubber/ Flexible elements, sight glass Junior, Modification unit for air intake casing, Air cone, Air adjusting ring, Air flap, burner frame parts

10 Oil nozzles (Danfoss, Fluidics, Bergonzo), nozzle conduits,nozzle valves RPL, (1/2/3) Nozzle valve complete, For RPL: Repair Sets, Gasket Sets, Cylinder bushing

11 Pressure pipes, Pressure pipe straight, Precision steel pipe, fittings, gaskets, nipple, Non-return valve, Bolts

12 Oil filters / Filter Elements (KSF/ OILON 20/ FAG/ OILON double plus), Gasket Sets, Cover Gaskets

13 Oil hoses/ Junior/ OILON Plus/ with electric tracing/ Teflon, fittings

14 Thermometers, pressure gauges, pressure gauge valves, Push button (WIKA/ OILON PLUS / DOUBLE PLUS)

15 Oil pumps (Danfoss/ Suntec/ Allweiler/ HP-Technik/ IMO) shaft seals, Gasket sets, Gasket sets for cover, Flange Gasket, Filter element

16 Oil regulators, Gasket sets, Needle bearing, Thrust roller race, Thrust washer, Adjustable cam disc, Spring band

17 Service box, Tester Fixer, Smoke pump/paper, Slide rule, allen key, Tools, Analyser, Gas leak detector, Digital pressure meter

18 OILON Alarm electrical panel, Connection cable, Plug connector, Overflow/ Safety/ Throttle/ Bottom valve, Accessories

19 Oilon Plus

20 Parts for immersion heater "Baron", heating elements, Automatic control cabinet, Thermostat, cover, switch, signal lamp

21 Oil meters

22 Boiler thermostats, temperature sensors, pressure switches, pressure detectors, control/ limit/ dual thermostat

23 Gas accessories, Gas hoses, gas filters, filter element (Marchel)

24 Air/gas separator

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